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DLG-Time is a Palm®-Organizer software.


DLG-Time is a sophisticated possibility to measure times in a F3K competition. It gives all required information at a glance and is a great relief for the timekeeper

Operation and Manual

The manual is shown on this page or you can download a offline-version (*.pdf 164 kB).


If you already own a license, you can download the software Version v 1.1.6 (*.zip 33kB) and perform the licensng process according to the manual.

Known Bugs

Adding 'Poker* to a competition list woll reset the preferences at the next new start of DLG-Time. This will be fixed with the next version.

How to order

- Distribution, maintenance and support discontinued -


- Distribution, maintenance and support discontinued -


Build an external start/stopp-buzzer.


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